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Better Then Dinty Moore?

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, better! This is stick to your ribs goodness. Enough said.

Short Cut Pot Roast

1-1½lbs. roasting meat(can be done with pork instead)
Choice of rub
1/2 Bag frozen carrots
1/2 Bag frozen onions and peppers
2 lg. Yukon gold potatoes or 4 med.
1/2 lb Baby portabella mushrooms
1 Heaping Tbsp. Crushed Garlic
2 C. Beef broth

  • Remove meat to cutting board and generously add rub to both sides.

  • Place in crock pot.

  • Cut potatoes into small chunks.

  • Add all veggies on top of meat.

  • Add garlic and salt and pepper to taste

  • Add beef broth, cover and turn on highest setting

  • Halfway through cooking, move meat to top and let veggies fall to bottom, replace lid.

  • Roast is done when meat and potatoes fall apart.

I serve this stew style with crusty artisan bread. One bowl is usually enough. Enjoy!

What A Surprise!

So I'm sitting around catching up with my Food Network shows that I DVR and trying to come up with dinner tonight. Since my microwave went fizzle(literally)I have to know what meat I need in the mornings now. I started watching "$10 Dinners" and inspiration hit me, I can make that!

On the screen Melissa was making Shrimp Scampi with a lemon twist and Parmasean Roasted Broccoli. Now I had no parmasaen cheese(forgot to pick it up)so I was trying to think what i could use and remembered I had a few pieces of Applewood smoked bacon left. The result was wonderful. I will admit the sauce had a little too much lemon for me and I toned it down a bit. After I made Sherbet Fizzies, my own creation. Enjoy!

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A Light Dinner That Gaerfie Ate Heavy On

I am so stuffed! I made this great dinner of Salmon Cakes and Fennel and Cabbage Slaw that I picked up on a new show called "Ten Dollar Dinners". It the show of the newest food network star. I tweaked it a bit to add some pizzazz. I used Raspberry Honey mustard instead of dijon and Pomegranate blush vinegar instead of red wine vinegar. All in all it was a very satisfying meal. Gaerfie even said I fried the cakes perfectly. The Gnome ate all his slaw too! I don't even have room for ice cream now and Gaerfie had two huge helpings of the slaw and FIVE cakes! Now you know it had to be good. I think I will make it for my D&D group sometime. The best part I have to say wa the apple wood smoked bacon I added instead of regular. When you ate some slaw and you found a piece it was like a smokey sweet gift from the Goddess. Ok now that I am drooling on the keyboard I will leave the link to the recipes at the bottom along with some pics of the Gnome helping me cook.

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A Great Discovery

Last night I discovered how a dressing makes a great flavorful marinade. I had two cornish game hens which I planned to pan sear and then finish in the oven. I was just going to dry rub them and then i saw the bottle of Catalina dressing in the fridge. I still rubbed the bird halves with salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley and then placed them in a bag with the dressing. I had them sit for an hour and a half and when I placed them in the hot pan the aroma immediately told me I did good. I seared them on all sides and them placed them on an oven rack and backed them at 350* for about 15 min-20 min.

I took the drippings and added peppers, onions, and garlic to the pan. I watched "Big Daddy's House earlier and learned how to make a fast rue. I threw in a pat of butter and a teaspoon of flour and mixed till it turned pasty and absorbed the butter. I then added a splash of citrus sake and chicken broth. With in 5-7 min. I had a gravy like I never tasted before. I balanced the seasonings and set in on warm. Meanwhile I cooked some bread cubes in chicken broth and butter to create a simple stuffing. I pulled the birds out and piled some stuffing on top and broiled them for 5 min. just to color the stuffing. I took the remaining stuffing and added corn to it for sweetness.

When everything was done I plated. I placed a bed of the corn-stuffing mix on the plate and ladled a little gravy on top. I then placed a hen on top and ladled more gravy on top. The saltiness of the gravy perfectly complimented the sweetness on the corn-stuffing. One of my better dishes I have to say.

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