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A Kitchen Witches Book Of Tasties

Food From The heart To Feed The Soul

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A Place For People Who Love To Cook And Blog About It
I have always known that there was something special about my cooking. No matter how simple my recipe was the end result would be amazing and floor the people eating it. This is when I realized that I was a Kitchen Witch and that my way of doing magick was in my cooking. I started posting my recipes to my regular journal and got rave reviews from people who tried them. I need to find a place that I could blog these recipes that would not interfere in my everyday journaling. This is why I created this community. it is not a traditional one, but I still encourage other members to post there own recipes here. I am always willing to learn and try new things! ^-^
The rules are simple:

1)Right now I will not turn anyone away. I hope this isn't abused or I will go to using the other settings.

2)Please feel free to talk about anything food related and enjoy sharing recipes and ideas.

3)Respect each other and others opinions. No one here is better then anyone else.

4)Please place recipes and pics under lj-cuts. Here is the HTML for it: Open arrows lj-cut text="your recipe"Close arrows. To end cut: open arrows/lj-cut close arrows. I hope this helps.

That's it! Have fun learning new things, techniques, and food ideas!